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Chico Outdoor Weddings

Chico outdoor weddings at Manzanita Place can be accommodated in a very large lawn area that is great for. The center piece is our tree lined Esplanade which makes for very grand and picturesque outdoor wedding processions. You can place the audience in rows on either side of the walkway or create your own setting in the vast green lawn.

Our hall, which is great for wedding receptions, can accommodate seating between  50 and 650 at a dinner setting. And if you would like both your Wedding and Reception to be outdoors we have a large covered outdoor pavilion equipped with tables and seats for up to 300. The facility includes four large outdoor grills for cooking and a covered stage.

Manzanita Place Chico Outdoor WeddingsWe also offer a friendly, experienced staff for all your needs. Full service food and bar catering are available from our large kitchen and spacious Bar Lounge.

As you may know we have four distinctive seasons in Chico, each day of which can be a roll of the dice to whether or not you will have perfect weather for your wedding day or not.

Spring and Fall in Chico are gorgeous, but can see days with rain as well as days with temperatures in the high 80’s. The weather always makes it difficult to plan the perfect outdoor wedding, however Manzanita Place can accommodate you and help make your outdoor wedding as perfect as possible.

Chico Summers can be unbearably hot at times, while the other days are warm but comfortable. However, when you are out, it is always nice to escape into where there is air conditioning. Summer weddings in Chico can be difficult due to the hot weather. Our facility will allow you to have a pleasant outdoor Summer evening wedding and then allow you and your guests to escape into the air conditioned comfort of our hall for the reception.